Q :: What is The Drop?

A :: The Drop is providing you with one platform (via our app!) that prioritizes community + sweat + and top-notch technology to bring you the future of Des Moines’ wellness world. Playing off the power of the mix, The Drop invites our community to attend luxury, boutique studios and gyms in the Des Moines’ metro -- under one, all-encompassing umbrella. No membership constraints and the elevated drop-in rates here. The Drop works hard to give you the opportunity to remove the constraints that stand between you and your wellness goals! 

In addition to gyms/studios, we are integrating our favorite, local health/wellness/nutrition businesses to provide special offers and incentives within our platform. From workshops, to chiropractic care, to the new smoothie joint down the street -- Drop users will have everything they need to live an abundant life of health, sweat and wellness at their fingertips!

Q :: What is the cost of The Drop?

A :: To be a part of The Drop, you'll first sign up via our app -- then, you will be prompted to pay a $4.95 monthly fee to have access to all that it holds! 

When you book a class off our master calendar, you will receive 25% off that gym/studio's current drop-in rate to allow you to maximize your goals + customize your workouts according to your schedule. On top of that, all business/community happenings are 100% complimentary as a member! 

Q :: How do I become a member of The Drop?

A :: Simple! On October 1st, our app will be available to download on iOS and Android.

Q :: Is The Drop nationwide?

A :: Currently, The Drop journey is beginning in Des Moines, Iowa. We are fine-tuning all of the details in our favorite founding city before taking The Drop across other communities. We have BIG plans and we can't wait for YOU to help us grow. 

Q :: Can I cancel a class that I signed up for?

A :: We currently are not offering cancellations or refunds for classes that have been signed up for, so make sure you're actually able to take the class prior to committing - #accountability. If a class is cancelled due to weather or other issues on the studio's end, we will issue a refund. For additional questions, please contact :: hello@thedropdsm.com

Q :: If I want to cancel my monthly membership, how do I do it?

A :: We hate to see you go, but if you're sure you gotta, you can cancel your $4.95 monthly charge via our app. If it is the beginning of that month, you will not be reissued the $4.95.